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Awards & Recognition...

Notable Awards & Recognition bestowed on us

From our humble beginnings to our stature today as a premier provider of exhibition, events,
and brand experience provisioning, we have been honoured with laurels and recognitions
that have documented our growth and evolution along the way. Here is a brief recapturing
of the moments that are a constant reminder of who we set out to be and how far
ahead we have traversed in our journey.
  • Embassy of India, Stockholm Sweden

  • Ambassador of India, Warsaw

  • Ambassador of India, Lisbon, Portugal

  • Ambassador of India, Caracas, Venezuela

  • Proteor Handicap Technologie, France

  • Kulbhushan Seth Casio, India

  • Technology Development Board (Govt. of India)

  • MMTC-PAMP, India

  • Boston Scientific, India

  • Germany

  • Indian Air Force

  • Infosys Ltd, Bangalore, India

  • NIC (Govt. of India)