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AR & VR Solutions

Create an Unforgettable Booth Experience with AR and VR

Want to surprise your audience with an out-of-this-world digital experience during your next trade show? AR/VR technology is the next big thing in exhibit marketing. At TSI, we design unique AR/VR solutions to create exceptional brand experiences going beyond the capabilities of your everyday marketing toolkit. These technologies help you make a lasting impression on visitors, while also educating them about your brand, and creating lasting memories.


Augmented reality is one of the most promising technologies for customer engagement. With almost sci-fi capabilities of fusing digital information in real world environment, AR enables you to apply 3D graphics-based vivid animation, sound and other effects to bring larger than life experiences to a wide range of mobile and fixed digital devices such as smartphones, tablets and large screens. These can be achieved using AR enabled exhibit spaces, brochures and special product displays. AR allows you to transport your audience into real life application of your product or service right from your booth space driving up the conversion rate by captivating your audience.

Benefits of bringing AR to Your Booth:
  • Versatile Product Demos
  • Engaging Experiences
  • Lasting Impressions with AR Print Materials
  • Broadened Horizon

One of the greatest milestones of technological innovation, Virtual Reality gives the user an unsurpassed life-like experience which can’t be expressed in words. You really need to experience it to believe it. A simulated experience of your product or service is waiting for your visitors at the next event. We help you create the perfect experience starting from suggesting the right VR experience for your offering helping you achieve both lead generation and brand recall. We can create the right VR experience using a variety of VR Headsets from Oculus, Sony, HTC among others.

Benefits of bringing VR to Your Booth:
  • Enhanced Product Demos
  • Virtual Tours
  • Showcase entire Product Line
  • Interactive Games for fun engagement
  • Live Hands - on Training